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Pricing For Our Services Offered

Below you will find our various services available. Choose the one that best fits your needs. If none of our pre-defined plans work for your needs please contact us directly so we can work out a custom structure for your needs.


Enjoy our Heaven & Earth body treatment that will have your mind feeling clear, your body relaxed and your soul rejuvenated. This combination of healing touch and fragrance will balance your mind, body and soul.

60 Mins – $110.00

75 Mins – $125.00

90 Mins – $140.00


Reiki is a ancient Japanese technique that reduces stress, increases relaxation and provides deep healing to the mind, body and soul. With our Reiki treatment we will balance your energy, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and as if a weight had been lifted.

45 Mins – $90.00

60 Mins – $120.00

Follow up 20 Mins – $50.00


Our unique aroma therapy treatment offers a gentle touch , allowing for a deep relaxation. This customized aroma therapy facial using DoTerra essential oils and organic skin care which will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. This facial includes face , neck and shoulders.

45 Mins – $70.00

60 Mins – $90.00


Reflexology is a traditional Chinese ancient holistic therapy, working on the reflexes within your feet. Enjoy a soothing foot bath followed by reflexology which will treat your whole body and induce a deep state of relaxation, balance, harmony and increases the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

45 Mins – $55.00


Gain helpful insight and aid you on your spiritual journey with our intuitive card readers. Our readers will work  with their guides, along with yours to help bring forth messages, guide you on a path of joyfulness and happiness. Our intuitive card readings will validate what you already know subconsciously.

30 Mins – $55.00

60 Mins – $100.00


Used for thousands of years, this Chinese technique helps improve your overall health. Meridians are energy pathways within our bodies. Each meridian nourishes , maintains and supports our organ system. Allow our holistic healers to improve and clear your meridians for optimal health, wellbeing and relaxation.

60 Mins – $145.00


Get relief from tension, reduce stress, improve your circulation and become deeply relaxed with our hot stone treatment. We use water heated , smooth stones that strategically placed on key points of your body. Warm and soothe your body with this specialized unique old age treatment.

60 Mins – $130.00


Our Lymphatic system helps to eliminate harmful substances within our bodies. We will use a very gentle touch technique to help increase your lymph flow.  This will improve your immunue system, remove harmful substances and improve your overall health.

60 Mins – $145.00


If you are in need of a relaxing massage to ease tired muscles, tension and reduce stress try our chair massage in store ! This includes your head , shoulder and back.

1 min – $1.00 ( Max 25 mins )


We offer traditional technique yoga, mindfulness and meditation weekly. Our class size is small and intimate, and are welcome all levels and ages. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in your body, discovering yourself through movement and breath so you, yourself can live authentic life free from limitations we so often impose on ourselves.


Throughout each month, Infinite Serenity will partner up with a variety of practitioners, intuitive readers, local artisans and more. During this healing workshops you will have an opportunity to learn, heal, relax and meet new people. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our Website for details of upcoming events and workshops.


Below are different add ons to each package.

Infrared Sauna – 20 mins $20.00

Infrared Sauna Pre-Paid – 5 Visits $90.00 & 10 Visits $160.00

Head & Foot Treatment – 20 mins $30.00

Himalayan Scub Back Treatment – 20 mins $35.00

Chakra Balancing – 20 mins $25.00

Didn’t see the service you need listed above? Give us a call or send us a message !